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Heat Pumps

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What is a Heat Pump?

It is part of a home heating and cooling system that is installed on the outside of your home.  The Heat Pump extracts heat from the cold outside air and transfers it to inside your home.  In warmer months, it extracts the heat out of the indoor air to keep your home cool.  Air to Air Heat Pumps can provide hot or cold air, but usually do not provide hot water.  Air to water Heat Pumps make use of radiators or in-floor heating to heat your house and used to provide hot water as well.  These are Air Source Heat Pumps because they absorb heat from the air.  Water Source Heat Pumps suck thermal energy from a pond or stream.  Geothermal Heat Pumps draw heat from the ground or groundwater.

The Government of Canada, in partnership with Enbridge, is providing homeowners with up to $10,000 in grants in Ontario for energy efficiency upgrades such as windows/doors, heat pumps, solar panels and more.

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What are ducted heat pumps vs. ductless mini-split heat pumps?

Just like a typical central air conditioning system, ducted air source Heat Pumps connect to central ductwork and carry hot or cool air through out your home.

Ductless mini-split Heat Pumps have both an outdoor unit that collects thermal energy and a separate indoor unit that delivers it.  And as the name suggests, they do not require ducts.  With mini-splits, one outdoor unit can connect to as many as eight indoor units.  

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