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Prepare for Power Outages:


Develop a Disaster Preparedness Plan:

  • Designate a secure location in case of a storm.

  • Establish a meeting point for your family if separated during a storm.

  • Assign a trusted friend from a different location as a family contact in case of separation.

Understand Weather Alerts:

  • A "watch" indicates developing conditions for potentially severe weather within 36 hours in a specific area.

  • A "warning" signifies reported severe weather conditions expected within 24 hours in a specific area.

Identify Risks and Protect Your Home:


  • Remove outdoor objects that could be airborne in high winds or severe storms.

  • Trim or remove weak trees and branches.

  • Ensure clear gutters, window wells, and drains to reduce flood risk.

  • Cover openings like windows, doors, and vents.

Ensure Backup Power:  


  • Have essential supplies like lighting and food for power outages.

  • Consider a home backup generator from Honeywell for peace of mind after a storm.

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