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Red Tags

When dealing with TSSA red tags in Ontario, there are several important things to expect and steps to take:
This is for your protection as well as your neighbours.  The service technicians are only doing what they need to do as per code.  Unfortunately, it can cause anger and frustration, and you are well within your right to get a second opinion.


If a gas technician has recently placed a red tag on your home's gas appliances like the furnace or water heater, you're probably wondering what does this mean?  We could bombard you with Codes and Regulations but would rather explain to you in layman’s terms.  Here are some frequently asked questions about red tags along with their answers to assist you in comprehending the situation and guaranteeing the safety and functionality of your home heating system.

Let’s Talk Red Tags

What does a red tag on a gas appliance mean?

A red tag gets attached to a gas appliance by a licensed technician when it's considered unsafe for use.  This may mean it either needs repairs or replacement. If the problem is serious enough, the gas supply must be turned off as a precautionary step to ensure the safety of you and your family.  The technician is legally bound to do so as per code.

What are the types of Red Tags?

Type A Unacceptable Condition - Immediate Hazard:  If a licensed technician has identified an "immediate danger", for example, a severe carbon monoxide leak, gas leak etc., the appliance(s) in question will receive a Type A Red Tag and your natural gas / propane will be immediately turned off.

Type B Unacceptable Condition - No Immediate Hazard: If the appliance(s) does not pose an immediate danger to the homeowner, a Type B Warning Tag will be applied to the appliance(s) in question and the local utility will be notified (e.g. Enbridge Gas or Propane Supplier).  This tag gives you a 30-90 day deadline to have the equipment repaired or replaced.  If corrective action is not taken by the deadline, your natural gas / propane will be turned off by the local utility.  In the case of propane, your supply will be disconnected or the vendor will stop supplying you with propane.

What Is A Red Tag?

What should I do if my gas appliance receives a red tag?

If your gas appliance has a red tag, it's crucial to stop using it immediately. Continuing to operate a red-tagged appliance can be hazardous and may result in serious consequences. Contact a licensed professional to inspect the appliance and make necessary repairs or replacements.

Can I remove the red tag myself?

No, you should never attempt to remove a red tag on your own. Red tags are placed by trained professionals who have identified significant safety concerns. Removing the tag without addressing the underlying issues can lead to dangerous situations and legal repercussions.

Can I remove the tag

How can I find a qualified technician to address the red tag?

Look for licensed gas technicians or HVAC professionals in your area who are experienced in dealing with red-tagged appliances. Ensure that they have the necessary certifications and expertise to assess and repair gas appliances safely.  Please know that you can call The Gasman at (705) 771-2062 and we will be more than happy to help you.

What are the common reasons for a red tag on a gas appliance?

A Red Tag can be issued for many reasons.  Most situations are the result of family members/friends who have done the installation, and it has been left unchecked until a repair or service is needed.  These infractions could be the result of gas/carbon monoxide leaks, pipes/ventilation not to code, improper installation, or other serious safety concerns.   You must attend to these infractions in a prompt and timely manner as it is essential to prevent accidents, and to ensure the safe operation of your appliances as well as the safety of you and your family. 

Who can remove it

Is it safe to use other gas appliances in my home if one has a red tag?

Although it is upsetting and frustrating to receive a Red Tag, it is important to try to keep a cool head.  Remember it is not the technician’s fault, he/she is only doing what needs to be done as per code that they are legally bound to.  Remaining calm will allow you to ask the technician if it is possible to use the other appliances or does the infraction affect all of them.  If you are unable to pose the question, then it is recommended to refrain from using any gas appliances in your home if one of them has received a red tag. The other appliances may appear to be functioning normally, but there may be underlying infractions that could cause great risks to the safety of you and your family.  You should have all of the gas appliances inspected by a professional before using them again.  

Reasons for a red tag

Can I appeal a red tag decision?

In some cases, you may have the option to appeal a red tag that has been issued.  If you believe it was issued in error or if you have corrected the infractions, then your appeal must be filed within 90 days of the technician's/inspector’s issuing the Red Tag.  To file an appeal, download or print a form A-1, you can find instructions for your appeal at  For more information on the appeal process, you can call (416) 734-3548.

Can I use other appliances

How can I prevent red tags on my gas appliances in the future?

Avoiding Red Tags is easy.  Maintaining your gas appliances and ensuring that repairs are done in a timely manner is key.  Booking a yearly inspection/cleaning will address any issues or problems.  Always follow manufacturer's guidelines for installation and usage.   Knowledge is also power, when you understand why a Red Tag is issued, you can get ahead and take the appropriate action towards maintaining your gas appliances.

Appealing a red tag
Can I remove it
What should I do
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