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Service Plans

Feel Safe and Comfortable In Your Home or Cottage All Year Round!

Keeping your heating and cooling equipment/appliances running safely and efficiently each year will give you peace of mind.  Sometimes the expense of doing this on a yearly basis can stop you from doing so.  That is where a maintenance service plan becomes an advantage.  Consider making monthly payments instead, making the cost of to clean/maintain your furnace or AC, for example more manageable.


Servicing is very Important.

Most people use a Co2 alarm as there first line of defense. But the reality is it's the last line of defense. 

The first line of defense is regular servicing and maintenance.  The safety of you and your family is of vital importance, so don't wait until the alarm sounds!!  Prevention is better and it may save your life.


Why service your gas equipment?

The following reasons to get your Gas equipment serviced and maintained on a Regular Basis ? 

  • Improve Efficiency of Equipment 

  • Improve Fuel consumption 

  • Improve your safety 

  • Improve the Life of Equipment 


How often should a service be?

  • Natural gas operated equipment should be serviced once a year.

  • Propane gas operated equipment should be serviced two times a year depending on how often it is in use.


Don't Wait Until It Breaks, Book A Service Call

We know how inconvenient it is when your furnace breaks down on one of the coldest days of winter.  Avoid the problem with prevention, keep your equipment in top condition to maximize performance with our 22 point tune up.


Boiler Service Heat only - 39 Point Inspection

When your boiler breaks down, it can not only interfere with your comfort but be a costly fix.  With our 39 point tune up you can be sure that your boiler will be always in top condition.  Don't get left in the cold.


Boiler, Combination Heat & Hot water - 23 Point Inspection and Clean

Rely on your boiler for heat and hot water?  Avoid the cold in your home and in your shower with our 23 point tune up.  As we have said previously, prevention is better than costly repairs.


Gas Fireplace/Stove Service -17 Point Inspection & Clean

Natural gas/propane fireplaces need professional maintenance and cleaning once a year.  Gas fireplaces produce carbon monoxide and other dangerous gas that is invisible, tasteless, and odourless. These gases can be seriously dangerous for health safety.  So make sure your gas/propane fireplace is serviced and cleaned every year so you just enjoy the warmth and comfort and have no worries.


Service Furnace, Gas-Fire & Service / Maintenance Deal #1

A great deal, combination of Service#1 and Service#4.  Keep your furnace and fireplace/stove running smoothly every year.


Furnace, Gas-fire & Tankless, Service / Maintenance Deal #2

A great deal, combination of Service#1 and Service#4 with the addition of a Descale Tankless Hot Water Heater/Service.  Keep your furnace, fireplace/stove and tankless running smoothly every year.


Furnace, Gas-Fire & Boiler ( Heat Only ) Service / Maintenance & Clean Deal #3

A great deal, combination of Service#1, Service#2 and Service#4.  Keep your furnace, fireplace/stove and boiler running smoothly every year.

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