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The Gas Man is offering promotions or discounts on installation services or specific products. We will do our best to keep this information up to date but we encourage you to contact us to inquire about any new deals or promotions that we may be offering.

Seasonal Sales: HVAC equipment and services may be discounted during certain times of the year, see below for our current discounts/promotions.

***Please note*** That the discounts and Deals cannot be combined with any other discounts/promotions that The Gas Man offers.

5% Off...

  • After the 3rd service, you get a 5% discount

10% Off For ...

  • Veterans

  • Seniors

10% Off For ...

  • Nurses, EMT's & PSW's

  • Single Parents

12% Off For ...

  • First Time Home Owners/New Builds

10% Off For ...

  • First time home owners/builders


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